Dateline .... Klub World.

Hello Klubbers and would-be Klubbers. This is where we keep you informed on what is happening in Klub World.
For news information specific to members, please log in as usual.

All members will be advised, via email, by the official launch date of 1st January 2012, of accepted submissions for ideas. Many thanks.

The Editor.

Dateline: 21st December 2015

Dear Klubbers, we at Buklub will like to wish all our members and users of the site a merry Xmas
and a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

2015 was rather quiet but we hope to gear things up in 2016. Enjoy!



Dateline: 21st December 2014

Dear Klubbers, we at Buklub will like to wish all our members and users of the site a merry Xmas
and a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.




Dateline: 27th December 2013

Dear Klubbers, we at Buklub hope that you all had a fab Xmas break.
We do appreciate that globally some are more fortunate than others, therefore, we should all try our best to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
That is why we have the tab 'WINKS' on our site.
If you know of any worthwhile and honest causes, please let us know.
We at Buklub will like to wish all Klubbers and non-Klubbers alike a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Enjoy!



Dateline: 24th November 2013

Dear Klubbers, we have finally finished our refurb. and we think it is a fab. looking site
even if we say so ourselves. We hope you concur. For those of you who have been contributing
to stories nothing has changed except the new look. Thank you for your support.
We re-launch the site officially on the 1st of January 2014. Tell your friends and family.



Dateline: 14th June 2013

Dear Klubbers, a million apologies( to would-be Klubbers) for having no updates for 6 months, we are going thru a MAJOR refurb!!!.
These things take time. (You can say that again. Publisher)



Dateline: 31st December 2012

Dear Klubbers 2012 is drawing to a close and Buklub is about to celebrate its first birthday.
Please allow us to wish ourselves, "A VERY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY".
It has by and large been an uneventful year, but we are looking to really spice things up in 2013.
Please keep your ideas and submissions pouring in. We wish all Klubbers and would-be Klubbers a very healthy and prosperous New Year!



Dateline: 25th November 2012

Hello World( used to write software, old habits die hard. Ed.).Christmas is a month away and counting,
please NO presents! Also, Buklub will soon be a year old. I said NO presents!! Okay, if you insist. The best present is to see our membership grow, so tell ALL your friends about us and what a groovy 'klub' we are. Have more news before the turkeys go into the oven. Ed.

Dateline: 20th September 2012

Hi Klubbers, We finally have the winner of our short story competition to celebrate her majesty’s Golden Jubilee.
We weren’t exactly inundated with submissions, but we had enough to keep us occupied in deciding on which one to choose.
The winner is ……………………………… Shona, from South Africa.
Well done Shona, you must be an avid reader of gossip magazines to have come up with the storyline.
Your use of the acronym and the fact you used exactly SIXTY words, sealed it for you.
Hope you enjoy your prize of book vouchers.

Her short story is below and Klubbers are welcome to make comments via our Blog site.

TITLE: A Right Royal Conundrum.
After his Grannie’s celebrations, a young prince, searching for one to DINE with, went to BIJOU, in search of a DAMSEL.
When he found her, she asked; “ What brought you here?” He, semi-intoxicated said: “DINE-DAMSEL-BIJOU”. She retorted; “ I know you. You are Prince Harry!!! Don’t you mean DIAMOND JUBILEES?!!” “Yesh”, he replied and with that off to dinner!!!


Dateline: 28th August 2012

Okay Ks and w-bKs, as you can see, we have four Live storylines: 3 for seniors and 1 for juniors.
Please feel free to either read or contribute. Believe me it is fun!


Dateline: 1st June 2012

Okay the Queen's jubilee is upon us and a BIG "thank you", for all the suggestions as to how we at Buklub could celebrate the event.
After some deliberation it was decided to follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, but instead of writing our story in SIX words like he did, we liked Klubber David's idea of writing a short story in SIXTY words. ( Wonder Why? Ed.)
The winning story will be posted online shortly.
David your prize is on it's way and we thank all Klubbers who submitted ideas.

All the staff and Klubbers will like to wish Her Majesty the Queen a very happy diamond Jubilee. "Three cheers ..... !"


Dateline: 9th March 2012

A Klubber who shall remain nameless, let's call him Angus( wink! wink!), has come up with a WOW! idea.
He wants Buklub to have links to other sites which may or may not be relevant to the literary world but do good deeds.
He has called it Web Links or wink for short( Geddit?!!!).
We will be adding some winks shortly and if you have any suggestions, then please submit via the normal channel using the Contact Us menu.


Dateline: 4th February 2012

Hey Klubbers do not forget that today is...National Library Day ,so do all you can to celebrate by
popping into your local library and borrow a book. You never know, it might inspire YOU!


Dateline: 27th January 2012

Hey Klubbers, thanks for your ideas. Hope you all like the new Home Page. We truly appreciate your input.


Dateline: 20th January 2012

We at Buklub would like to thank all our members who took part in the naming competition for our shopping portal.
Quite a few witty ones were submitted, but after some deliberation, the Editor using his casting vote has decided that the winner is.............
Dwight, Melbourne, Australia. Well done Dwight. Your prize of a Buklub T-Shirt is winging its way up( or should that be DOWN) to you.
We hope to have the site up and running in about a month. Remember Klubbers, keep those quills pumping out ink!!
( The S.T.U.D facility is NOT available to the "SCHOOLS AND CHILDRENS' SECTION" ).


Dateline: 31st December 2011

We have LIFT OFF!! Buklub is now officially launched.
We at Buklub World will like to wish all our members a very happy
and prosperous 2012. So sharpen those quills, pencils and pens(?!) and get 'beeezy'. ENJOY!!


Dateline: 18th December 2011

Remember Klubbers( even if you are not a Commonwealth country ), next year
is the Queen's DIAMOND jubilee( What do you mean which Queen?!!! Surely there is ONLY one!!!).
So, please feel free to submit any ideas on how we can be part of this great occassion at Buklub.
Put that thinking cap on!